Best Queer Self-Care Products

The January doldrums are in full effect as we begin our descent into February. Some of us are experiencing some frigid temps that will lead us sadistically into mid-Feb. So, what do we do with ourselves during this time of new year resolution decline? Dare I say, we think about Self-care? [gasp] Stick with me […]

The January doldrums are in full effect as we begin our descent into February. Some of us are experiencing some frigid temps that will lead us sadistically into mid-Feb. So, what do we do with ourselves during this time of new year resolution decline? Dare I say, we think about Self-care? [gasp] Stick with me here, I approach Self-care precisely like the hedonist beast I am, it’s all about what makes me feel good. Self-care for some is about optimizing health in some way and I think that’s awesome. But as I look into the deep flames of my fireplace against the backdrop of Elsa’s frozen tundra outside, the idea of adding yet another healthy habit is just too much for my brain to take on. So, to combat the 426 days of January, we at Pink Robin suggest you attempt the following: Self-care. But cuter. (don’t run away, I swear you’ll love it).

Queer owned brands and queer owned businesses are here for our (appropriately managed) retail Self-care and there are SO many fantastic products that can ease the dreadful gray that winter brings. Here’s my Top 5 Products and recommendations to indulge in this season.

Best Queer Self-Care Products

GOODONYA – Because we’re not in our ‘dehydration Era’

So, Kris, Goodonya’s CEO & Founder was also an Olympic athlete. (Yes, seriously, so freaking cool.) She saw the market, and just wanted to offer something that’s better than our current options that have trashy ingredients. Introduce: HYDRATE, an electrolyte powder packet that provides optimal hydration and replenishes important nutrients lost during physical activity or a busy day.

Ya’ll. It’s that time of year we see people walking around with their 40 liter Stanley cups, committing to drink more water, only to feel the thick sting of failure each evening as they dump it, unconsumed, into the sink. Let’s get real Mary, you’re not going to all of a sudden 10x your water consumption, but you can 10x your hydration. We know you’re buying that other brand already, it’s time to buy from a Queer business owner.

PEACE COFFEE – Some addictions are still cool

I have an insatiable taste for coffee. Cold? Drink coffee. Hot? Drink coffee. Insert any regularly identifiable emotion or feeling? Drink coffee. This is something we consume at an alarming pace in my home and no better to connect that love of consumption with a queer owned business such as Peace Coffee. The very moment I watched Lee Wallace (CEO) tell us about the business, products and impact with farmers, I was hooked. But then, I bought and drank the coffee, and damn. The gays know how to get it right. Black Squirrel is an organic twist on classic coffeehouse espresso. Lying somewhere between a romantic Italian coffee bar and a new world cafe, this blend of organic espresso beans is punchy and sweet, yet smooth and refined. Made with home espresso aficionados in mind.

JENIFER PRINCE – A Brazilian artist, need I say more

Art and Self-care? Oh yes, this is far better than cutting carbs. (Also, why would you ever do that?) Great pieces of art teleport you into thought, reflection, curiosity and imagination – key ingredients to what I consider optimal mental and physical well being. This sexy, queer art by Jenifer Prince whisps me away to a land of mid-century vintage fantasy where femmes are aggressive, relentless tops and we live in a thriving matriarchal world with Sarah Alder as the general of our gay army. Jenifer is an immensely talented artist who reinvents romantic scenes between women with carefully curated images of sapphic intrigue. I’ve framed and proudly hung several pieces from her collections and only wish I had more wall space for more prints.

Supporting queer businesses is most certainly Self-care but supporting queer artists? You will undoubtedly feel better about yourself if you do.

cantiqLA – Because we deserve to flaunt that romantic side of ourselves

So, for me, born XX and socialized to hate my body no matter what it looked like from a very young age (thanks millennial media), Self-care and body appreciation in 2024 is not only a priority but a call to action. To take a moment and thank our bodies, praise them, appreciate them and love them just feels antithetical to everything we’ve been taught. (See: the Barbie movie for further exploration). So, I’m fully declaring a pivot from this brainwashing to dive head first into the land of all-bodies-boudouir accessibility and celebration. And yes of course I do want a 4’ x 6’ boudoir photo of me in our family room for my kid to awkwardly explain to his friends. Am I kidding? Maybe. Lucky for us, there’s no better accoutrement to this photography party than this spicy collection from cantiqLA, handmade lingerie.

Designer Chelsea Hughes started cantiqLA in 2015, using a vintage sewing machine set up in her home kitchen. Since then, the brand has grown far beyond her expectations, but the cantiq vision remains the same: quality, handcrafted lingerie for all bodies. So, Self-care this year is getting naked. You heard it here. It’s time we start to own our bodies again.

Non Gender Specific - Because, pheromones babe.

Non Gender Specific’s brand design is not just attractive, it’s primal and intuitive. Anything with a clean crisp design and warm neutral tones sucks me into a creamy abyss of existential retail hypnosis. (Read: Fantastic work, brand team, I’m in.) Non Gender Specific is a revolutionary skincare brand that defies conventional norms and embraces the concept of inclusivity and sustainability – and they also have ventured into the fragrance market highlighting their headliner called Flood. With reviews like “intoxicating” and “absolutely delicious” it’s not hard to assume adding this scent to your daily routine will qualify as quality Self-care.

“It’s time to embrace a fragrance that knows no boundaries, a fragrance that harmonizes with your individuality and resonates with your soul.” I mean, damn. Queer owned brands don’t waiver on their words. Yes, I want all of this for my Self-care and I want to support this Queer owned business. Click, add to cart, good night.

Ultimately, it really is nuanced how we approach Self-care, how we define it, how we actually follow through. But for me, it’s nourishing something deeper than “exercise, yoga, oil pulling or drinking more water” and gets more to the root of what I’m actually caring for. So best of luck friends, take these seeds of wisdom and brace yourselves for spring, we’re almost there!

Best Queer Self-Care Products

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